June 15-16, 2012

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RVAsec After Party

After the last talk of the day we will move straight to our reception where we will have food and adult beverages. At the end the of reception we will be raffling off the prizes we have which include: An iPad courtesy Sunera! Two Pwn Plugs from Pwnie Express! A Lazlo flask from attrition.org! After the reception is over we are pleased [...]

Registration for RVAsec to end on June 7th

Each attendee at RVAsec is being provided parking, breakfast and lunch and other items. In order to ensure that we have no issues with the logistics and don’t have any hungry guests, we need to have solid attendee numbers for the conference. Registration will be closed on June 7th and we will not have onsite [...]

Student and Government Discounts for RVAsec

If you are a student, faculty member or a government employee we have discounted rates for RVAsec. RVAsec Student Admission $30.00 RVAsec Government Admission $50.00 If you are unable to find the funds but still want to attend RVAsec please contact richSEC. The richSEC organization wants anyone interested in security to be able to attend [...]

CPE credits for RVAsec?

We have confirmed that you can get CPE credits from ISC(2)* (and likely others) for attending the RVAsec conference. You can also get credits for attending either of the training sessions! And, don’t forget you can easily track your CPE credits from any organization, for free, by using MyCPES.   * For ISC(2), submit conference hours as “Group [...]

Final Schedule and Speakers Posted for RVAsec!

RVAsec has some amazing speakers from around the world presenting this June. Marcus Ranum – Keynote: The Easy Stuff is Done Adam Ely – Managing Security Within The Cloud Tim Elrod – I’m not a Doctor But I Play One On Your Network Schuyler Towne – Why Do You Lock Your Door? Jericho – Errata Hits [...]

SecuraBit to conduct a live podcast at RVAsec!

We are happy to announce that the SecuraBit team, a Virginia based podcast, will be covering RVAsec! They will be doing a live podcast at the conference and even conducting some interviews with our speakers. In addition, as many of you may know they have created a virtual lab environment for the security community at [...]

Why Attend RVAsec?

With so many security conferences around, why should you come to RVAsec? We are going to feed you with lots of food, knowledge and BOOZE! Here are some of the highlights: Great speakers with great topics, including “the cloud,” .NET, PHP, career advice and healthcare security A keynote by Marcus Ranum (an early innovator in firewall technology) Jericho [...]

Marcus J. Ranum to keynote RVAsec!

We are pleased to announce that Marcus J. Ranum, Chief Security Officer of Tenable Security, Inc. will be keynoting RVAsec! Marcus J. Ranum is a world-renowned expert on security system design and implementation. Since the late 1980′s, he has designed a number of groundbreaking security products including the DEC SEAL, the TIS firewall toolkit, the [...]

RVAsec Badge Teaser

This is just a teaser of what one of the main badge components will look like, with a prototype logo on it… still just testing things out, but it’s alive!  Don’t forget, you have to register by May 7th otherwise you probably won’t get one. And in case you missed it, we’ll also be giving [...]

Pwn Plugs To Be Raffled at RVAsec!

We are pleased to announce that we will be raffling off not one, but two Pwn Plugs at RVAsec! If you are not aware of what the Pwn Plug is you definitely need to check out what Dave and his team are up to over at Pwnie Express. The Pwn Plug First-to-market commercial pentesting drop [...]