June 15-16, 2012

richmond's security conference

hack.rva custom badges!

Richmond’s hackerspace, hack.rva, has signed up to make custom badges for RVAsec attendees!

Details are fuzzy as it’s a pile of wires, circuits, LCDs and cat5 cables at the moment (prototypes!),
but there are a few definite plans for it:
- LCD screen
- Silkscreened PCB
- Cat5 lanyards (with additional magic)
- Hackable
- Much kick-assery

hack.rva is also going to be in the vendor area during RVAsec to talk about the badges, how hack them, provide info about the hackerspace or discuss whether classic “maker” MacGuyver’s houseboat is worth almost $100,000.

What’s the catch? You must register by May 7th to guarantee yourself one of these sweet badges. Otherwise you might end up with a piece of paper and a string. And no one wants that. So if you want to be part of the cool-kid-crowd, register in time to make sure you get one!

Have some other ideas or suggestions for the badge? We’re listening.

Register by 5/7 for a hack.rva badge!