June 15-16, 2012

richmond's security conference


What is included with registration?
Registration includes entrance to the conference and vendor area, lunch, coffee/snacks and some swag.

When is on-site registration?
Registration will start an hour before the event, and continue throughout the day until it no longer makes sense for you to show up so late.

How can I help?
Get the word out! Help make RVAsec a success so we can do it again next year, but bigger and better.

We will be needing a small number of volunteers to help with registration, speaker wrangling and security. If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

Can I speak at RVAsec?
All speaking slots are currently full. Stay tuned for next year’s CFP!

How many attendees will be RVAsec?
We have space for up to 300 attendees.

Is there an age limit?
Not for the conference itself.

Will there be Internet available at the event?
We have been told wifi access will be available for our use. Use at your risk. No guarantees.

Are there any other events going on during RVAsec?
We are seeking a sponsor for an attendee reception following the conference. We are also working on training sessions on Friday, 6/15. If anyone would like to organize a private event for attendees (sponsored or not), please let us know so we can post the information.

Will there be a shuttle from the Crowne Plaza to the event?
The Crowne Plaza may be providing a shuttle in the morning and evening for transportation to the conference. If you did not note your interest in transportation during event registration, please contact us so we can update the count of interested persons.

Is there parking?
Parking in the VCU parking decks is included in the registration fee. The exact lot for the event has not yet been confirmed.

Will talks be recorded/posted?
Yes! They will not, however, be streamed live.