June 15-16, 2012

richmond's security conference

Physical Security Training

Instructor: Schuyler Towne

Get comfortable with basic lockpicks, open some security pinned locks (and possibly high security), and have an understanding of Pin Tumbler, Wafer and Disc Detainer locks.  Learn the baseline knowledge to plan your own facility security, and get a number of excellent references to help continue your study.

The focus will be on Pin Tumbler locks, as they are what a North American audience will encounter most often. You will begin picking these locks early and get plenty of practice with access to the instructor’s lock library, including various specially prepared mid- and high-security locks. From there you will branch out to other locking concepts, and gain an understanding of a wide range of lock types, from safes to magnetics, with particular attention to Wafer and Disc Detainer locks as they are also quite common in the US. The basics of facility security, including what to look for in modern digital locks, will also be covered.

About The Instructor

Schuyler Towne is obsessed with locks. While he got his start picking locks competitively, his interest has since exploded into every aspect of their history, design and manipulation. He’s taught hackers, authors, cops and even toy designers. There is nothing Schuyler loves more than to talk locks with anyone who will listen. His interests in the history of physical security and design of locks provides a passionate background to his lectures and workshops on lockpicking. Currently he is writing an Almanac of Locksport for O’Reilly and studying media portrayals of lockpicking.

Title: Physical Security Training

Instructor: Schuyler Towne

Cost: $250

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