June 15-16, 2012

richmond's security conference

RVAsec 2012 Slides

Videos will be coming soon, but in the meantime here are the slides from the RVAsec 2012 presentations.

Marcus Ranum – Keynote: The Easy Stuff is Done
Adam Ely – Managing Security Within The Cloud
Carsten Eiram – Code Maturity: Is SDL a Waste of Time?
Travis Altman – Reverse engineer an obfuscated .Net application
Tim Elrod – I’m not a Doctor But I Play One On Your Network
Schuyler Towne – Why Do You Lock Your Door?
Chris Gerling – Don’t be a Cog in the Wheel!
Salvador Grec – PHP Website Security, Attack Analysis, & Mitigations
Jericho – Errata Hits Puberty: 13 Years of Chagrin